Monday, July 5, 2010

listen to the sound of my heart..

if i could hold your hand close to my arm..
i will grip it tightly..

if i could give my love to you..
i will always make you feel the warmth of my heart beat..

if i could touch your heart..
i will make you see that i'm so much in love with you..

if i could spent my life with you..
i will paint our journey brightly..

if i could tell how much i miss u..
i'll cry on your shoulder to make you feel how those feeling hurt me.

you didn't know that because you are too far from me..
and you never give me the chance to travel into your soul..

if i could....
but i'm just afraid of loosing you..
and i just keep those feeling to my self..

maybe you don't realize how deep my love is..
i don't know how to make you understand how much i need you.
for once..i just want you to listen to the sound of my heart.
then tell me how terrible it beat..

notes: i wrote it myself...hehehe..pandai kn..??

2 orang joint lia membebel:

tasnim said...

best sajak ni
mn ko dpt?

cik lia ye said...

mane aku dpt..???
aku tulis sndr lh..