Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a price of penghargaan..

hargai org yg sygkan korg..
especially prmpn..
aku ada seorang kawan...
she has a boyfriend..
yg aku tgk t'sgt sygkn dia..
at first..
she did the same thing like wat his bf do...
setia and got some planning to get married..
they have been in relationship almost few years..
which i think..
mmg ptut dah pun diorg kawen..

she met a guy..
i don't know what the guy "ayat" her..
until..she dare to cheat on her bf..
wah...baru aje kenal dat guy..
and dh buat decision..
"aku syg kn that new guy and dia baik"

huh...1st thing come across my mind is that..
she is so stupid..
yes indeed..kite xblh nk expect kite jatuh cinta..
but..she's to soon to trust..
and now susah nk bt pilihan kononnye..
betul ke dat "new guy" really want u..??
her bf ask to married him.
and she suddenly said..
"i'm not ready yet"
padahal b4 ni mcm nk rak rancang nk kawen next year..

poor bf..
mgkn satu hari nnti..
u'll be facing the condition like this phrases..
"yg dikejar xdpt..yg dikendong berciciran.."
at that moment..
ko akan sedar..
and bile ko jatuh cinta pada org yg not really in love with u..
lagi ko rase sakit..

appreciate lah sesuatu hubungan..
especially a girl..
u can't have both because u perempuan..
kalau u lelaki..
agak possible lah kan...
if i were u..
aku akan appreciate sgt2 kalau ade org yg sygkan aku more than everything..
ko yg perlu face all those thing..
so..made up ur own decision...
jgn sakitkan org yg cintakan kite..
that's all...

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