Thursday, March 10, 2011

just the way i am..

i am just a girl who can simply smile and laugh..
i am just a girl who like to be friends to anyone...
i am just a girl who can easily love peoples around me and take them into my arms and comforts them if they need me..

sarah..cayang sarah...

nim yg comel..

i am just an ordinary girl..
my happy looked personality..
it is because i want you all, the persons i loved..
can smile whenever you see my face..
you never know what inside me...
something that i kept only to myself..
crying when the sun goes down..
lonely while others enjoying their day..'s okay..
because..i am strong enough to face whatever in front of me..
i can do it..
yes..i can..
there is something that really break my heart into pieces..
something that not everyone knows..
but..i tried to enjoy my day with you..
to make you feel happy as much as i pretend to be..

maaf kalau aku selalu terbuat lawak bodoh..
sayang ko mira sarah..

dear my friends..,
if i'm gone..for a while or forever..
i don't want to ask too much favor..
i just want you to remember how we smile and laugh together..

kami bertiga..nim and sarah

alia yg jelita dan rav yang menawan..

but,please my dear..
my friendly easiness to smile not to tease anybody..
it is just the way i am..
be friend with me with no bad intention..
love me for what i am and not try to change as what u like me to be..

lot of love~~~~

i miss the moment we have together..
cik nim

cik tirah..


love u all..



ana..selalu manje2 kan aku mse sekolah..terima kasih lalink

ummi bestfren aku jua..

ni pun bestfrend aku..alip..thanx dude sudi jadi anak murid aku..lalala

naimah and ely..cyg korg..

korang semua..thanx kerana menceriakan hidup aku..
kite bergelak ketawa dan menangis bersama2..
nk upload smua gmbr insan yg aku syg..mmg ramai..
xlarat deh..
cukup setakat disini..

2 orang joint lia membebel:

tasnim said...

penghibur hati sy,
sgh trharu baca entry ini.sob3x..luv u dunia akhirat.

cik lia ye said...

hey...luv u too sayang..muah...
kite kawan di dunia and akhirat k..