Thursday, August 26, 2010


erm..sikit punye baik aku post kt fb ttg si lady gagap tu...
lagu alejandro yg mmg berkisahkan yg si gagap ni protes pd tuhan..
g tgk sndri lgu tu..tgk sekeliling set up video klip tu..
jgn men tgk aje..cube fhm..
dtg lh insan t'plh beri komen...

makhluk terpilih:
it doesnt make any differences. a song is just a song. every song has a hidden meaning, just because this one is extremely heavy that doesnt mean the purpose of creating it is to leave a negative impression or interpretation. highlight, songs were created for entertainment purposes.

aku jawab: do make a different..reminder only given to those who want to see..want to hear and don't want themselves to be fooled..a's not only to's also a medium to spread the msg..repeat..this reminder for those who don't want to be fooled..if u 1 of them and happy coz other party can manipulate go on with your style and don't bother about the reminder.ok..

kwn aku jwb:
I agree with her...a song is no longer just a song if there's a hidden meaning behind it. If u choose not to believe, then only Allah can help you...may he grant you hidayah...amin..

hey cik kak..cik abg...
sblm komen..dan men komen aje...
sile bt sdkt research..
sile lh bkk sikit mate yg asik nk tdo tu..
sile lh korek telinge yg kian nk pekak tu..
sile lh asah skit otak yg nk b'karat tu..

klu org least dgr dulu...
u ingt u hdp ni menongkat langit ke cik kak..??
u lupe ke yg skrg ni dh akhir zmn..
ke u duduk dlm zmn u sndr..??
hey..wakeup lh...

ke u bkn org islam..??
name bkn men lagi mcm org islam..
klu u rse u org bkn islam pn..sile bt sedikit research ttg islam..
then..bru u akn tahu ape yg org islam ptut hindarkan..

hey dude...
thy are trying to poison ur mind..
trying to put another believe in ur faith..
they know u well..sbb tu they know how to control u...
u don't know them bcoz u decide not to know them..
because..u are juz a stupid follower...
change ur mind and view about ur surrounding lh okke..??

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